See the Jaguar F-Type

Welcome to your flight

It's British Airways - right Sam?


No Anita looks great - check out her portfolio

Anna stateside

Time to take a Truck Stop

hanging around

Just hanging around

Beaming from cheek to cheek

Anita to the rescue

collect me

He was going to pick me up

Tomorrow's World

The Fusion Models

Powerful, passionate, elegant, aesthetic, alluring, attractive, bewitching, captivating, chic, divine, effulgent, lavish, luscious, mesmerizing, opulent, pulchritudinous, radiant, ritzy, sassy, seductive, splendiferous, trendy, voguish and voluptuous - that's the beauty of Models and Motors.

where's gear

Where's my gear?

Have you checked over at Bike Central?

She's got platform shoes

It's Anita off on her travels again. Is there no stopping this busy model?


So cosmopolitan

Paradise - what more could you want?

The BMW Z4 E85 is a great classic roadster. Take a look at our Z4 Fusion Collection

All dressed in white

Aston is such a feisty Fusion Model

Wanna drag race?

I'm sure Hayley will win

BMW Z4 Gallery

It's the heavy mod

See them at Retro Rides

Moto Models


Child's Play

Take a look at the Toy Collection

Beauty in Black

Beauty in Black

Sporty, smart and sophisticated. You can see Alexis here

Action woman Anita

Elegance, grace, beauty, poise and confidence - a natural Fusion Model

You gotta stop for a selfie - right Sam?

Where's everyone?

I thought they said we were meeting up for a picnic?

Great things to come

sports car

Red n' Black

Which do you prefer?

Take a look at our bike collection

It's Electrifying

Look to the future and all the great & good are switching on their battery packs. However performance is not as lame as you would have thought - far from it, electric cars are quite a powerhouse.

Morning stretch

Olympic Anna Rose is on fighting form

Honey I'm home

Quintessentially Chloe

Our English rose is here

She's stunning - isn't she?


Mimi's got a Luxury Limo

Hot Rod Mod


Gamer girl

Marissa's gone Cuban

But she did come back to do this portfolio for us

Killer Bike

roadkillBabesandbikes flickr photo by Roadkill0567 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Get lowdown

The BMW Z4 E85 had such awesome rear styling. The rounded lights combined with that raised boot profile made it one of the best roadster designs around

Outdoor Fusion

Sabrina and the Z4. What a great summer collaboration

Action girl

Action girl

Get some inspiration - Sonia will help you get active and start that fitness regime

Monster models

Check them out here

Beauty and the beast

See the other beasts over at Sky High

Fiat 500 grown up

20130305092121-0024.jpg flickr photo by Guillaume P. Boppe shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

Funky 500

Just popping out for a ride. The adorable 500 has evolved from the iconic 1957 Cinquecento to become a firm favourite in the cute car category

Red n' Blue

Which one goes better with Melissa's portfolio?


Micro Model 500

The cool Cinquecento was a truly iconic predecessor to the Fiat 500. It's what started the whole epic journey for the baby 500

Get on the fashion train

See the Fusion Models Portfolios

Just chillin

Take a look at our Retro Rides here if you're feeling in a chilled out mood

Bandit girl

It's not white van man

Have you noticed how white has become the color of choice for cars nowadays? Wasn't that the standard for vans and trucks?

It must be track day

Olympic Anna Rose cool n' collected

Plane Model you say?

No Anita looks great - check out her portfolio


Once in a blue moon

You get to go Retro

got tired

Got tired

It was a great day seeing all the cars and planes with Anita but it did get a bit tiring towards the end

Beach Mobile

Take a look at Mimi's portfolio here

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