Merc Model

Catch the amazing SLS AMG in perfect fusion harmony

Da Gangsta Mod

Jen goes large with the Mini

See the models workout

Things aren't always what they appear to be. Who's the tough guy now?

He said he was picking me up

Superb Suzuki

Suzuki is such a sleek brand - from cool cars to brilliant bikes.

Just sit back and enjoy the ride

Red Sonja II

Coming to a cinema near you

Bev never sleeps on the job

Awesome Alexis or Audi?

It's as simple as black and white.

Awesome Ali Cat

See the photoshoot from Ali's Vintage Portfolio

Sporty models

Sarah is a such a sporty model. Take a peek at her Portofolio

Quintessential Chloe

She's so captivating

Chic n' slick

Style and confidence go together. We all have it in us to be what we want.

Fusion Models

First to the finish line

Do you know this Maserati girl?

Watch the video

Mini Marvel

The iconic Mini has stood the test of time and still remains a fun car to own and drive

We should downsize

Over the years manufacturers have produced some tiny vehicles. But how come they don't catch on?

Fusion Models

They're so cosmopolitan

This is Anna's daily drive

Hayley and the Z4

We took the Z4 sporster out for a shoot with some of the Fusion Models. Check it out

Let's go on a Mini Vacation

Keep calm and carry on

Everything is just fine here

Happy days

Remember the good old days when life was simple and care-free

She's electrifying

The 7 habits of successful models

Is it style, ambition, passion, beauty, power, faith and empathy?

The Fusion Models

Fusion is about form, beauty, elegance and poise. The marvel of motors and the mystique of models.

Get the lowdown

The BMW Z4 E85 was an eye catching design with unique styling. It took roadsters to the next level, borrowing rear curves from high end sports cars and still keeping the BMW identity.


4x4 fever continues to rise. Our love for these monsters is insatiable

Double Trouble

Fusion Models have teamed up now

Is that plane flying Bianca?

Fusion Z4

This sleek roadster is so stylish, sporty and sensual. Take a look at the awesome BMW Z4

Ducati Damsel

But she's certainly not in distress.

Beetle Mania

Whether you like it or hate it the Beetle is an icon of the last 100 years. It has gone through may incarnations from it's humble beginning as a people's car to a mass produced mode of transport and beyond to it's reinvention in it's modern form. This bug just won't go away and has an evolution plan of its own.

Calum's got the bug

Evoque the desire

Click see the sporty SUV. Land Rover's baby is a big hit.

Sky's the limit

Awesome photoshoot with Bianca and some great planes. See the Aero Portfolio

The Sport Model

What do you prefer: Skiing, Soccer, Squash or Swimming?

Polka Dot Polly

It's a mini convoy

The ageless baby just goes on and on

Red or Black

Alexis is in her element

Cool Rider

Classic cars will always be a timeless reminder of the way it used to be. Here's more Fusion Classics

It's a split screen

VW Campers are so iconic and desirable. Is it because they take us back to an era of fun, fashion and friendship?

For the Love of Fusion

Public service announcement

Arrive alive, don’t text and drive

Toy Town

Toys are big in the collector world. People pay good money as it helps them to relive their childhood. Car toys not only remind us of our youth but also take us back to the classic motors of the day.
What do you think of this Toy Collection?

Social distancing

You betta believe it

Beamer Up

Leave the Luggage

It's never cool on a bike