Move on up

Are you feeling stuck and frustrated with your life?


It’s Holi season so check out the latest designs

Cuban Classics

Cuba is a mecca for classics

Audi R8

RTR takes the Mustang to the next level


Triumph is such an iconic brand

Just cruisin

There’s nothing like hooking up with a few mates to go on a cruise.

Mustang RTR

RTR takes the Mustang to the next level

Shelby Cobra

Take a close look at the Shelby Cobra

Mustang GT

The Mustang is the original muscle car that is still a firm favourite amongst petrol heads. Starting out as a sporty model for the youth market it just grew in popularity. One of the keys to it’s success was the range of models that were available, allowing buyers to customise their options from a convertible to fast-back and notchback models.
The early incarnations just grew in size to create a mammoth monster before Ford started to sleek it down. From there this marvel just grew smarter and evolved into the sophisitcated sportster that we all love today. The much coveted Shelby models are highly sought after and add prestige and heritage to the brand.

BMW M Power

M is for macho, muscular and miraculous

Alpha Romeo C4

A cool new fresh sportster for Alpha

Range Rover Evoque

This luxury baby SUV has proved to be a big hit with the townies


Passionate, stylish, iconic, suave and sophisticated – that’s the Maserati way.


Roadsters psychologically represent toys from our childhood. Those toy cars and go-karts that we grew up with can be revisited in our mid-life crisis.

Porsche Cayman

Sleek lines and sumptuous curves, awesome angles and fabulous flow. Be sure to replay it a few times to appreciate her glory …

Mercedes AMG GT S

The AMG ethos, ingrained in the DNA of form, beauty and desire.


The BMW Z4 is a chic and classy sports roadster which exudes style and confidence found in high-end prestige sports cars. It has good looks, performance and prowess to match any occasion from a day out on the track, to winding round country roads on a sunny afternoon, to a daily driver.

Whether you’re a boy racer, sophisticated lady, glitzy hairdresser or a middle aged man this car makes everyone feel special in it’s own way.

Amazing SLS AMG

This is the modern answer to a supercar, sports car, luxury car, tourer status symbol and design icon all rolled into one. Total fusion harmony …